Delve Run Run Away

“Oh now can’t you wait, run run away.” – “Run Runaway”, Slade

31.08.yc116 UVHO-F < K-JO26 Constellation < Querious

YZ9-F6 V, Blood Raiders Assembly Plant

YZ9-F6 V, Blood Raiders Assembly Plant

OOC: Lately it seems I’ve been having some website difficulties. Last week I was hit by something that wiped out all of my blog images. At first it seemed like an attack, but later through some troubleshooting saw there was a plugin update on my site that may have caused the issue. Either way, with a partial restore from the hosting provider, I was able to get back most of what I had lost recovered. Unfortunately, I lost my page of supporters where I highlighted those that have encouraged me on my journey and I didn’t have the notes to put it back together. So, I’ve removed the page for now. My apologies.

Malia Katain

Malia Katain

On the exploration front, I’ve finished up Delve and have continued my trip in Querious. Delve has certainly been the most thrilling so far. I entered the region at 1-2J4P with little activity in the area, but that quickly changed as I approached 1DH-SX. Each day as I drew closer to the system, the Ship/Pod kills grew with some days being in the hundreds. Seemed there was a huge conflict in the area. Fortunately, I managed to survey the system and move along with the combatants mostly interested in each other than me.

Continuing my exploration of the region I ran into Malia Katain of Ashrum Core, Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere. I was pleasantly surprised when I was welcomed to the area and allowed to explore freely. That was certainly a first in Null Sec and a welcomed change to actually relax a little. Great group of folks as they provided some local intel and I wished I could have stayed a little longer, but sadly I had to move on. Thanks Malia!

FM-JK5 VI, Petyr Baelich Appreciation Station

FM-JK5 VI, Petyr Baelich Appreciation Station

The next constellation over, however, provided the balance of the warm hospitality I had just left to the unwelcomed, get out of our space, cat and mouse game when I ran into the Graduates in the O-EIMK Constellation. I had to inch my way, system by system, to work my way through the constellation. I know that the chances are, some time, during my journey I’ll be caught, and more than once I thought that was going to be the case here. Luckily, and that’s all it was, I managed to fully explore the constellation and moved on into Querious.

Y-OMTZ VII, The Anvil Station

Y-OMTZ VII, The Anvil Station

It was in Querious that I found the other side of the raging battle of 1DH-SX, as the neighboring system of F2OY-X was on my flight path and this time, oddly enough, if I stuck to the plan, I would have to fly back through 1DH-SX in Delve to continue on with Querious. Seems two constellations in Querious are split off from the rest of the Region with several systems in Delve separating them. Fortunately, the battle on this side was lighter, but I didn’t want to take a chance passing through 1DH-SX. So, I took a 20+ jump detour back through Delve to UHKL-N and continued my Querious exploration in A-B04V.

With the one exception, Delve kept me on the run.

With the completion of Delve, that puts me at 28 Regions explored, 5 of those in Null Sec, for a total of 2,346 Systems at 43.2% of Empire/Null completed. So far, no ship losses.

T-IPZB XI, T-M0FA Graveyard

T-IPZB XI, T-M0FA Graveyard

Jester’s Trek

“Goodbye, stranger, it’s been nice. Hope you find your paradise. Tried to see your point of view. Hope your dreams will all come true.” – “Goodbye Stranger”, Supertramp as performed by Goldey

08.06.yc116 Saisio < Okomon Constellation < The Forge

Systems 20140608“Not bad for a god.” I heard the voice below and behind me say. I smiled without looking to see who it was. No need, I knew the voice to be that of my home station maintenance chief. He continued, “Wasn’t expecting you back so soon, Ma’am.”

“Wasn’t expecting to be back, Chief.” I replied.

“Are you… are you actually doing what I think you’re doing?” He asked.

I stopped for a moment, leaned back and took in my handy work. “I am.”

He chuckled, “You know we have drones for that, right?”

“I do.” Dipping my brush in the can of paint next to me, I carefully wiped off the excess on the inside of the opening. The work was tedious, but relaxing. If it wasn’t for the lack of adequate ventilation and air conditioning in the open hanger, it would have been enjoyable.

Nalu VII, Moon 4, Imperial Shipment Storage

Nalu VII, Moon 4, Imperial Shipment Storage

“Not much for words today are ya.” He stated without questioning. I could sense his desire to jab at me some more, but could tell he realized this wasn’t a good time. The chief and I go way back. He watched me grow-up, having served with my Grandfather in the Caldari Navy. They had been best of friends and when my Grandfather passed away, the chief had taken over that role. That was long before I had become – a god – as he puts it. “Well… sorry kiddo, I’ll leave ya be.”

He started to turn away before I stopped him, “No – it’s alright Chief.” Laying down the brush along the top of the can, I wiped the sweat off my brow then half turned around so I could see him fully. I tried to smile to reassure him I was fine. “It’s just I had read about him retiring and I was… well… just sad to hear about it, really.”

“Ripard Teg, you mean.” Again it wasn’t a question as any capsuleer or space crew knew of him. “Yeah, damn shame really, but most good things never last.”

Luromooh V, Moon 1, Imperial Shipment Storage

Luromooh V, Moon 1, Imperial Shipment Storage

A sudden familiar sense of loss sunk in the pit of my stomach as I thought of my Grandfather and the recent loss of my father. I swallowed hard then tightened my jaw before finally relaxing then quietly replied. “Yeah…”

“Well except maybe for you.” He added quickly, trying to lighten the mood, but seeing it hadn’t worked so well. “Hey, I’m sorry kiddo, it’s just…”

“I know.” I raised my hand to stop him and smiled warmly for his concern, “Listen, Chief, I’m about a month away from finishing up my exploration of Empire space so you know what that means?”

He nodded, frowned slightly, and even with the distance between us, I could see the concern in his eyes. “You’ll be heading into Nullsec. Yeah, I know. What do you need from me?”

“Diplomatic contacts.” I stated flatly.

Skills_20140608“You’re gonna need a lot more than that.” He placed his hands on his hips as if he were about to lecture me.

Holding up both hands in surrender, I chuckled, “I’m joking Chief. I just need you to have the Tengu ready to go.”

“She’s ready.” He crossed his arms, taking a stance of denial. “You sure about this?”

“I’m sure and it’s a him.” I turned back to my handy work painted on the side of the Tengu hull and smiled. “Jester’s Trek.”

04 Vale IVJester’s Trek Exploration Tengu Fit of the Week

1,624 systems explored making that 29.9% of New Eden with no ship losses so far.

Madirmilire VIII, Niarja Gate

Genesis – In the beginning

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” – Genesis 1-1, Bible, King James version

20.04.yc116 New Eden < EVE Constellation < Genesis

New Eden… For as long as I’ve been sailing the stars, it’s hard to believe that I’m just now arriving where it all began. Not where I’m personally from, Saisio III, but the place where it started for all of us. The New Eden system in the EVE Constellation, Genesis Region. It is believed that our forefathers came through the EVE Gate several millennia ago. It’s unknown what the letters “EVE” mean that are written prominently over the top of the gate. Today, the gate is viewed by the Sisters of EVE as part of their religious belief that God is on the other side and that it is His will that they study it thoroughly.

New Eden I

New Eden I

From here, our ancestors spread rapidly among the stars around AD 7989 to 8061. Then tragedy struck, the once stable wormhole at the New Eden Gate collapsed. The colonies were cut off and our dark ages began. Millions died, colonies were destroyed, and humanity started all over again until we once again claimed the stars as our own today. Yet, we still remain in the dark as to what lies beyond the gate.

I enjoyed my time in the EVE Constellation. There were some interesting sights to see. Sadly, due to the high levels of radiation and the dangers present around the collapsed gate, we are unable to approach it. Regardless, the New Eden system itself is still something to see and something I recommend for every capsuleer to take the time out and visit. Be sure to swing by the Dead End system and see the mysterious monolith while you’re in the area. A quick check with Aura and you’ll learn that – “It’s full of stars.”

Dead End Black Monolith

Black Monolith

Now for that time of the month…. Flight statistics

16 Regions completed for a total of 1,278 systems with no ships or pods losses. I’m 23.5% complete with my plan to visit all High, Low, and Null Sec systems of New Eden.

Fly safe!

Central Point IV, Gateway Gate

Central Point IV, Gateway Gate

EVE1K Systems Explored and PLEX Giveaway

“I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ay. Been holding it in for a while, ‘ay”
– “On Top Of The World”, Imagine Dragons

29.03.yc116 Chibi System < Mayonhen Constellation < Aridia Region

“Sittin’ here on my own now, crying my heart out, can’t even see…” Fitting lyrics from one of my favorite Roc Wieler tracks, “Sacrifice”, from “One Night of Roc” that I’m listening to in my quarters on CBD Corporate Storage facility, Chibi VI. It’s both a mixture of satisfied accomplishment and a bitter sweet moment wishing my father could have been alive to witness my 1,000th system explored.

1,000 systems.

The number almost seems improbable, I chuckled to myself thinking, because there are over 5,000 known colonized systems in New Eden. I’m only around 18% done. For those that have been paying attention to my statistics, you may have noticed that the total system count increased by about 200. Reviewing the database with Aura, I realized I had made a logic error during data retrieval and had ended up excluding systems that were non-faction aligned. Oops. Not a major error, but it would have been nice if it had worked in my favor instead of against. Well… that’s New Eden for you, even the database is out to get you.

Let’s run some numbers…

1,000 Systems explored, 13 Regions, no ship or pod losses so far. 8,600+ images in my gallery.

What does 1,000 systems explored look like? You can check my gallery as well to see a progression.

Systems 20140329 - 1k

Skills update…


Tharadin Khardula

Tharadin Khardula

Alright, enough of the details, time for the giveaway. I had already decided when I entered and finished my 1,000th system explored, I would give out 100 million isk among those in system. As it turns out, at the moment I finished, there was only one person in local. Congratulations to Tharadin Khardula of Amarr Industry and Transport [TAITC]. Special thanks to him as well for the offer of future assistance if needed, much appreciated!


Here’s how it’ll work. Somewhere, lost in my gallery, there is a sequence of numbers that can be found. The first person to send me an in game EVE mail with the EXACT planet name as well as the number sequence, will win a PLEX. Please include what high sec or low sec station you would like it delivered to.

Good luck pilots and fly safe!