New Eden Regions: The Forge

Hykkota V, Outuni Gate

Hykkota V, Outuni Gate

Welcome to the start of another series called the “New Eden Regions”. This series I’ll explore each region in New Eden sharing some lore, stats, interesting things to see from EVE Travel, as well as some of my favorite images. I’ll be doing the series in the order that I’ve explored them fully and hope to post one up each month. Comments, suggestions, and other thoughts are always welcome. Especially let me know if you enjoy.

The Forge
Caldari State

For the hard working, corporate state, industrialist, the Caldari, the region called “The Forge” is suitably named. As the name implies, this particular region of space represents the hard working citizens of the Caldari and the home of New Eden’s major market hub, Jita. Here you will find from all over New Eden people of all races, factions, independents, mega-corporations, and yes, even pirates, selling goods and services of everything imaginable. With untold billions of isk trading hands each day the opportunity for profit is just as great as the fortunes that can be lost. Traveling across the cluster can be dangerous, but trading in Jita can leave you with nothing if you’re not careful.

04 New Caldari Prime, Moon 1, Chief Executive Panel & Poksu Mineral Group

New Caldari Prime

Just one jump away from Jita is New Caldari, the Capital of the Caldari State after the Gallente-Caldari war. New Caldari was a nickname until it became official after Caldari Prime was lost. Having already become a major resource hub and location for heavy Caldari industry, it’s no wonder the system was chosen to become the new seat of power for the Caldari State and for the “Big Eight” corporations. Today with its easy access to Jita it certainly makes it a corner stone of Caldari’s industrial might.

Maurasi I

Maurasi I

The home system of my people, the Achura, can also be found in “The Forge” in the Saisio System. The third rock from the sun, Achura, is also the name of our home world. For over three centuries, the Achura have been part of the Caldari State. More than once I’ve been told how true I am to the spirit of my people. I can’t deny my reclusive, introverted personality, nor can I deny my desire to reach a higher spiritual self by finding the hidden treasures across New Eden. The treasures that I seek are not those material things that most seem to find joy in, no, what I search for is knowledge and understanding. Understanding all that there is to know, to see all that there is to see, to find myself in the larger scheme of things. It’s why I’m able to travel across the universe alone with no crew. My choices and my consequences are mine and mine alone.

Mark726 of EVE Travel has done a fantastic job of cataloging sights to see in the cluster. No need for me to duplicate that effort, nor could I achieve the level of quality that he’s put into it. However, I thought it would benefit my fellow explorers to link those sights in The Forge region that he’s explored.

EVE Travel Links

06 Eskunen VI, Caldari Construction Warehouse

Eskunen VI, Caldari Construction Warehouse

Kylmabe X, Itamo Gate

Kylmabe X, Itamo Gate

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