Years have flown by my open window

“The years, the months, the days, and the hours have flown by my open window. Here and there an incident, a towering moment, a naked memory, an etched countenance, a whisper in the dark, a golden glow these and much more are the woven fabric of the time I have lived.” – Howard Thurman, Author

31.1.yc120 J160311 < B-C00038 < B-R00005

Signal Cartel, a beacon of light in a bleak universe. For 9 years, I’ve sailed the dangerous darkness of New Eden’s seas. Today marks my 3 year anniversary, proudly flying the colors of Signal Cartel. What an honor it’s been and a pleasure to see the corp grow into what it is today. I’ve been told that I have the privilege of being the non-leadership member with the most tenure. Most of my fellow corpmates would probably say, Katia who? I’m very much the quiet one, in the background, going about my adventure, in my own way. But behind the scenes, I’m very much involved and I would like to think that my DNA has left some mark on the corp as well as promoted some of its growth. I know when we began and over the years, I’ve had many tell me directly it was my blog and adventure that has inspired them to explore and for some, join the corp as well. I’m simply humbled that I’ve had a positive influence upon the New Eden community. So, here are two things I’d like to reflect on for my 3 year anniversary. One where the corp has had a positive impact on me and one that I believe I had a positive impact on the corp.

The Credo. For the most part, I’ve always flown with the mindset that is our corp Credo, but I had never put it down into words and I had never seen it so elegantly put into words before. When Signal Cartel was formed and I read up on it, I couldn’t believe that there before me, in words, was exactly how I tried to fly in New Eden. The decision to join was a no brainer and I would have joined even earlier than I did, but I was deep in Null Sec on my journey and had to find a wormhole connection back to Empire in order to dissolve Sagan Explorations, my corp. To dissolve a corp and join another, I had to be in a station and it took a week for me to find the right connections back to a high sec station so I could take care of that and submit my application to Signal.

It was the Credo that spoke to me from the beginning and it continues to influence me to this day as it has evolved. It’s the light I focus on in my travels and helps to keep me aligned. Capsuleers either get it or they don’t. Some of those who don’t try to change it, so I can’t thank Johnny Splunk and Mynxee enough for the hard line stance they take of protecting the Credo against those who don’t necessarily fit well with the corp and try to change it. It’s the essence of who we are and if it doesn’t click with you, then this is not the corp for you. If the heart of it should ever drastically change, then that will be the day that the light of Signal dies.

This is something I have to take credit for as it’s the greatest thing ever to be part of the influence that made it happen. I’m positive that I was the first to say it in the context of Signal Cartel. My blog post title, Can’t Stop the Signal, posted the day I joined, a week after Signal was formed, quickly became our motto and I smile every time I see it. (Being a big Firefly fan, it was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw the corp name, I knew it was fitting.) Never once did I think it would catch on like it did and it’s still used today. Like I said, I really don’t like self-recognition, but this one I just have to as I’m so proud to be a part of Signal and to know that in some small way, my DNA has indeed influenced what we are today.

Now for a quick update on my goal of exploring at least 3 new systems per day. I’m happy to report that as of today, I’ve explored 100 new wormhole systems. An average of 3.2 per day. I’m hoping to, and if I do, maintain this pace, that sometime later this year I’ll be able to enact my last phase of this leg of my journey. More details to come in the months ahead.

Fly clever!

Exploration is all about the jump, not the stargate

“Exploration is all about the jump, not the stargate.” – Katia Sae

01.01.yc120 J212224 < E-C00247 < E-R00025

J121516 VI

Looking over the numbers of my explorations for this past year, it dawned on me that I pasted my 8 year anniversary of exploring all of New Eden. Beginning on December 1st, yc111 (2009) my start was a rocky one. I completed 70 K-Space systems that month, but for the whole of the following year, yc112 (2010), I only managed to complete another 68 systems. In yc113 (2011), I fared better, but still weak with 641 systems explored. The next two years, I had stepped away from my explorations, adding no more systems to my completed list.

(OOC: Was a rough couple of years, having lost my mother and then my father, as well as a best friend of mine. My free time and my priorities changed up a great deal, not to mention my enthusiasm for any kind of personal enjoyment.)

In yc116 (2014), I returned to my explorations with a determination and enthusiasm to finish what I had started. That year, not only had I explored an additional 2,180 systems, I also completed Empire space and begun my explorations of Null Sec. Completing Empire had renewed my determination and in yc117 (2015), I not only managed to complete more systems, 2,242 to be exact, I also completed all of Null Sec.

With the completion of all of K-Space, both Empire and Null, the thought to retire had crossed my mind, especially since I was all docked up and hadn’t suffered a ship loss through my explorations. What better way to finish? Well, that was just it, in order to be true to my original personal mission to explore all of New Eden, then I had to include wormhole space as well. Say what you will about the challenges and difficultly of staying alive in K-Space, especially Null Sec, I knew W-Space would be an even bigger challenge. The pace I had set the previous 2 years would not be able to be maintained because of the randomness of connections and not being able to plan a route.

J212224 V

So, the start of yc118 (2016) marked the beginning of my wormhole explorations. That year I completed a total of 528 systems, less than a quarter of the pace I had in K-Space. Wormhole space was indeed going to take much, much longer. My only goal for yc119 (2017) was to do more than I had the year before, which I just barely managed to do with 532 systems completed.

Which brings us up to date, yc120 (2018), and what is my goal for this year. My K-Space pace was an average of 6 systems per day. My W-Space average is around 1.5. I’d like to double my pace to 3 new systems found each day. Keep in mind, that’s new, previously unexplored systems I’ve not found yet. There are days where I only find systems I’ve already visited, which seems to be about 50% of the time, which means I have to explore 6+ systems per day at least. My main issue is time, it takes a lot to scan down and explore connections. Also, as more are found, the pool of those systems I need to find, becomes smaller and therefore harder to find. It sounds easy and is, to find 6+ W-Space systems in a day, but when 50%+ are ones you’ve already visited and you only want new ones, well, now you understand the difficulty and challenge to explore all of wormhole space.

Let’s do this.

J150112 III

Are we explorers?

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” – Jalaluddin Rumi, Poet

26.8.yc119 J212302 < E-C00293 < E-R00029

J103242 III

Exploration. Exploring: to traverse for the purpose of discovery. Discovering: gain sight or knowledge of something previously unseen or unknown. Are we, as New Eden capsuleers, explorers? There are a total of 8,035 systems in the New Eden cluster. 5,201 Known space systems (K-Space), 2,604 Wormhole space systems (W-Space), and 230 unreachable Jove space systems. With the exception of Jove space, capsuleers routinely visit each and every one of these known systems that were previously discovered long ago. No new insights, no new knowledge, the same old suns day in and day out.

J164147 XI

Our current level and access to ship and gate technology doesn’t allow us to reach the nearby Jove systems, let alone expand beyond our current accessible known systems. So, no, we’re not explorers, not truly at least according to the definition. The age of exploration is long past until a new age can begin when advances in tech open the gates to systems beyond our current reach. Then, there will be another great rush to explore.

Yet, I still call myself an explorer of New Eden. Why? Simply because, even though there are no new unseen or unknown systems to reach, for those that I’ve not visited yet, they are unknown and unseen by me. Exploration in New Eden is a journey into one’s self, very much a personal endeavor, as it stands today. The thrill of seeing a new sun I’ve not seen before, still conveys the same feelings of awe and grandness as the new first one I visited in my home system of Saisio when I began.

J212302 VI

Today, I’ve just completed my 900th W-Space system which means I’m now one third complete with wormhole space, just over 34%. That brings my total systems explored, which includes K-Space, to 6,104 or 76% of all of New Eden. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of my journey so far is not the number of systems I’ve visited, but the fact I’ve not lost a ship as of yet.
Fly clever, seek and find what’s previously unknown and unseen by you, but most importantly, be true to your explorer’s heart.

J160459 II

Sailing Dangerous Seas: yc118

“Once human beings realize something can be done, they’re not satisfied until they’ve done it.” – Frank Herbert, Author

31.12.yc118 J102407 < C-C00086 Constellation < C-R00010 Region

#MyEVEStory by Rixx Javix

To be called a Stargazer by my homeworld, Achura (Saisio III)… that would be the pinnacle of all that I could achieve. I’m not one for stereotypes, they generalize far too much and individualization is lost. Yet, I can’t deny how typical I am of my kind. At least if you believe all that you learn about the Achur from the widely available public resources.

It is true: I am reclusive. I am an introvert. I have little interest in material things. I am deeply spiritual. I do desire to unlock the secrets of New Eden. I am one of those Achur pilots you’ve heard about that has left the confines of our homeworld and have set sail for the stars.

For those that don’t know me or my mission, you can learn more from one of those public resources. I’m currently in Phase III of my mission, which is to visit every system in New Eden. Phase I, Empire Space, began on December 1st, yc111 (2009) and was completed on July 4th, yc116 (2014). Phase II, Null Sec began on July 9th, yc116 (2014) and was completed on November 26th, yc117 (2015).

J104632 VII

On January 3rd, yc118 (2016), I began Phase III, to explore all of wormhole Space (W-Space). My first stop was Thera, where I was welcomed by my corp, Signal Cartel, and after the celebrations, I set sail to continue my main mission. I spent the first few months based out of Thera. It was only after a week of exploring W-Space from Thera, that I encountered my first duplicate system, a system I had already visited. After encountering more and more duplicate systems over the next couple of months, I decided it was time to wander. I spent maybe a month wandering from hole to hole, before settling into a class 5 wormhole that appeared to not be lived in that contained a class 6 static connection. I wanted to focus on class 6 wormholes and see how many I could find based out of one system. I spent about 6 months, between that wormhole, a little more wandering, and then settling into another class 5 with a class 6 connection. Somewhere during that time, I changed out ships as well, from my Tengu to a Raptor, in order to take advantage of the small wormhole connection types. The time was well worth it as I did find 90 out of the 118 class 6 wormholes, but it was very slow going.

Too slow, really. As a comparison, you can see I discovered a total of 529 wormhole systems during yc118. Compared to my progress from the prior two years in

J161119 VI, Moon 1, Pioneer

K-Space, which was over 2,000 systems per year for yc116 and yc117, I’m now exploring at a quarter of the speed that I was before. With there being 2,604 wormhole systems that we know of, this journey at this pace will take another 4 years and that’s not taking into account the difficulty to find the systems I need in a timely manner. As more and more systems are found, the hay stack grows, and the needle becomes more difficult to find.

As I let that sink in, but before I could spiral down the hole to where those thoughts were leading me, Chester nudged me in the back. Chester, the slaver hound gift that Mynxee gave me when I visited Thera, before I departed for this phase of my journey. I named him after my Grandfather and he, like my Grandfather, have been an inspiration to me to keep going. There really couldn’t have been a better gift, because at times when I’ve sailed too close to the abyss and think my mind is lost, Chester is there… encouraging me… “my little Stargazer.”

Jester’s Trek by Rixx Javix

W-Space – Why you not random?

“Adventure is a state of mind and spirit.” – Jacqueline Cochran, American Aviation Pioneer

10.4.yc118 J233630 < Constellation 262 < Region 26



When I began my exploration of wormhole space just a little over three months ago, I had decided to base out of Thera. I felt it was a great place to start with random wormholes appearing daily. Being a member of Signal Cartel brings the benefit that most would be scouted already and taking advantage of that, I could quickly knockout several systems daily. Then I’d have to resort to scanning on my own which takes some time. With over 2,500 wormhole systems and assuming complete randomness with the connections, statistically, it should’ve been some time before I started finding systems that I’ve previously visited. At least that was the theory. But there’s something odd going on in wormhole space and it’s not the space affects that I’m talking about. The randomness of wormholes connections in each system doesn’t seem to be so random after all.

J102844 VI, Moon 1

J102844 VI, Moon 1

On my tenth day into exploring W-Space while based in Thera, I encountered my first duplicate system. I had only previously explored a total of 17 systems, so my chances of finding a duplicate system should have been less than 1%. Yes, I hear you and understand, less than 1% chance is still a chance, so with a raised eyebrow, I continued to base from Thera. But here’s the thing, as I proceeded to explore, duplicate systems kept coming up, beating the odds of finding them until finally at the end of March with only 10% of W-Space explored, my odds of seeing duplicates seemed closer to 30%. I decided to forgo basing in Thera and have been wandering ever since.

Now with my supposedly random wandering it gets more interesting. This last week, just the last few days really, has convinced me of the not so randomness of W-Space, that there’s a pattern to the chaos. One day, I hit system after system that I had previous explored, until finally I found one I had not. It was around ten systems, making that day’s odds over 90% likely to find systems I’ve already been to. What? How? It gets more interesting. The next day, I found system after system I had NOT been to yet, making that day’s odds over 90% likely to find systems I’ve NOT already been to. Very odd.



I don’t have an answer, so what am I proposing? I believe wormhole systems cluster together and connect more often than not to the same systems over and over again. Granted, I believe the clusters are rather large groups, maybe upwards to 600 or even 700 systems or so, but based on my experience so far, it would fit the odds I’ve been experiencing.

I’d be curious to hear from folks that actually have lived in a single wormhole system for a long period of time. Have you noticed or have you seen yourself connecting to the same systems over a period of several months? It’d be difficult to prove and take a lot of observation from multiple systems, but it is interesting never the less.

Fly Clever!

UPDATE: After some discussion on Twitter and further reflection, the more I’m beginning to think there may be a light year limit between systems and their ability to connect to each other via wormholes regardless if they’re K-Space or W-Space.



Reluctant Enthusiast, Part-Time Crusader, and a Half-Hearted Fanatic

“Do not burn yourselves out. Be as I am – a reluctant enthusiast….a part-time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic.” – Edward Abbey, Author

20.3.yc118 J115234 < Constellation 66 < Region 8



For some odd reason, I’ve been in the news recently. So, why all the attention this past week? I completed my K-Space exploration three and half months ago and started my W-Space exploration at the first of the year. One would think that with faster than light communications the news of my grand adventure would be clear across the cluster by now. Perhaps only bad news travels fast and good news is slower than light speed? Regardless, it’s nice to share my story, even as one who tends to be a bit shy and quiet such as myself. (Maybe that’s the real reason news has been slow to propagate!) Some call that humble and that’s part of it as well. I hate talking about myself, my accomplishments, and I certainly don’t boast about it. I’m a firm believer that your true character is not defined by the words you speak, but rather by the actions you take.

Tiberius StarGazer

Tiberius StarGazer

To be fair, I was contacted by Tiberius StarGazer, Editor in Chief of #EVE_NT, a couple of months ago, but with the CSM elections and other happenings going on around the New Eden cluster, my story took a little longer to be posted. No worries at all in that regard and completely understandable. I believe it is also because of their post that the other highlights have come about this last week. (On a side note, I was contacted the week after my completion of K-Space by the ISD, Interstellar Correspondence, for an interview, but they never followed up after my reply that I would be interested in sharing my story. Not sure what happened there. *shrug*) ((Side-Side Note, immediately after my announcement, CCP did post about it on their Facebook page as well as their week in review, which was really nice and very kind of them to do so.)) I just wanted to take this blog entry to shout out some folks and say thanks as well as highlight the news articles and post if you wanted to check them out for yourself.

Kenneth Endashi

Kenneth Endashi



First up, special thanks to Tiberius StarGazer who kicked it all off this week with the EVE-NT news article “Katia Sae – The Exploration of New Eden and Beyond”. Thanks so much for having an interest and giving me an opportunity to tell my story! No worries for taking time to get it out. 🙂 Next up fellow corpmate and explorer Kenneth Endashi who posted on the EVE Online Forums “Meet Katia Sae – who explored and photographed known space. All of it.” Nothing is greater or more humbling than being recognized by your peers. Thanks Kenneth and thanks to those who posted replies! Especially Rain6637 who posted a great spin on the Star Trek intro, lol. I’ll post it below. Lastly and perhaps the most surprising was from Cista2, who tipped off Massively so they posted “EVE Online player spends three years visiting every system” about my journey that referenced the EVE-NT article. That was very nice to see and the comments posted by the readers were for the most part pleasant to read. 😉



Finally, special thanks to Mynxee, who always goes out of her way to encourage and support all of us in Signal Cartel, no matter how we choose to explore the cluster. In my case, she’s always posting encouraging replies and the medal I was awarded for my endeavor (which I love, btw!) to news articles and post that talk about my journey and in the case of CCP’s EVE Online Facebook page a while back, defending me. 🙂 I couldn’t ask more of my CEO, let alone a friend. It’s a pleasure to serve such a great corp and I do mean that. Their encouragement and support go a long way to keep me going. I couldn’t do it without them as well as others who’ve encouraged me along the way. So, thanks to all who have taken a moment to read, comment, and send emails. You all keep this half-hearted fanatic going.



Jove space: the final frontier.
These are the systems visited by the explorer Katia Sae.
Her ongoing mission: to photograph all known systems,
to seek out new sights and new warpable objects.
To boldly go where no capsuleer has gone before without being tossed out of the AT.

– Rain6637



Are we there yet?

“Always concentrate on how far you’ve come, rather than how far you have left to go.” – Unknown

6.3.yc118 J163701 < Constellation 248 < Region 25



Two hundred wormhole systems explored and a couple of thousand to go. Several folks have asked me: what is my goal, how many wormhole systems per day was I hoping to explore. My reply was honest, I had no goal per se. However, I was hoping to keep my previous pace from known space which was 6 to 8 systems per day on average. With two months and 200 systems, my pace has been steady, but it’s half of what I had achieved before. Well what does that mean? Instead of taking a year at the least to find the 2,604 wormhole systems I need to explore, it’s looking like at a minimum of two years and that’s “IF” I find all the systems I need to when I need to and keep my current pace of 3 to 4 a day. That’s unlikely, as I’m already hitting a fair number of duplicate systems I’ve been to already.

What’s really odd is, I’ve only explored 8% of wormhole space, but this last week, it seems my odds of finding a system I’ve already been to has been closer to 30%. One would think I should be encountering about 1 in 10, but it’s been closer to 3 or 4 in 10. There must be something to that, something strange. It does seem I find systems clustered together and not by constellation or region. Once I find 1 I’ve been to, I find many. By the same token, when I find 1 I’ve not been to, I find similar. Groups and clusters… odd and not what I was expecting.



Something else too and this should come as no surprise, but it was pleasant to see, like known space and the familiar background nebulas found in each region, the same can be said of wormhole space. I’m sure that’s what played into the classifications of them, it’s an easy means to identify them. In a future blog entry, I’ll post them up. There are still some regions I’ve not found yet and I’d like a chance to include them as well. If you’re curious, you can check them out here.

I’ve heard it said that slow and steady wins the race, but this isn’t a race nor are there any prizes. I’ll just keep at it to appease the explorer within me. Fly clever!

J004283 VII

J004283 VII


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag, Writer/Filmmaker

31.1.yc118 J162007 < Constellation 262 < Region 26

SC Home 5

Signal Cartel Tower

On 20.1.yc118 (January 20th, 2016), Signal Cartel had its first birthday and today, I celebrate my 1 year anniversary as a Signaleer. What an amazing year it has been. The corporation grew quickly, far faster than I would have ever thought. I think when I joined, we had less than 10 capsuleers and today the corp stands at 740+ members which is where we’ve been holding steady at for a while now. Like Mynxee, whom I’ve heard comment along the same lines, I never would have dreamed there’d be that many explorers of New Eden that would join up in a corp together. For the most part, exploration is very much a solo’ers endeavor. We’ve had many to come and go, which is to be expected and I’m honored to be among 7 of us that are celebrating our first year in the corp this month.

So, why or what is it that draws capsuleers to Signal Cartel? I can only speak for myself, but I do believe in the beginning it was the credo that spoke to many of us. We also had EvE-Scout’s solid reputation with the Thera scouting service as well as Mynxee’s reputation as an experienced and solid corporation CEO. (Albeit, a former but now reformed pirate with an explorer’s heart! *hugs*) SC Home IIIt was a year ago I posted “Can’t stop the Signal”, which has become our unofficial motto, and it speaks to what I saw in the corp’s potential and why I joined. Just the day before, Mynxee posted “Another Exciting Sandcastle”. It certainly has been and continues to be! Nothing has changed at all and I couldn’t be any happier with my decision and it’s such a pleasure to see so many that share the same heart as I.

Today, I believe it’s our size and reputation as a home to explorers that draws others to us. That’s not a problem per say, but it does present challenges from some (not all) of our newer members that question our credo whom you can tell just glanced over it. I’m glad to see our leadership has held firm to our core beliefs and have sought to keep our reputation as neutral explorers with integrity as our primary goal, rather than bending the credo to make everyone happy. It tells me we are a corp that seeks like-minded quality members and not a corp that’s about quantity. That’s not to say to those members who have left are not quality members, far from it. It simply means our home was not in tune with their heart and they have moved on to find their own home.

SC Home 2

Hugs delivered to Dorian Reu

This last year for me personally, I’ve seen the conclusion of my K-Space exploration and the beginning of wormhole space. I’m now just over 100 wormholes explored, including Signal Cartel’s home system of Thera as well as our wormhole system that our POS is located, which I’ll not name. Special shout-out and thanks to Dorian Reu, who scouted me into our POS home system and gave me the tour. Today’s images are from there.

Fly clever and here’s to another great year in Signal Cartel! If you’re interested in joining, here’s how. Be sure to read the Credo. 😉

SC Home 4

Dorian Reu’s Stratios and Wanderer

K-Space Reflections

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

03.01.yc118 Saisio < Okomon Constellation < The Forge

Time for a change!

Time for a change!

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s seems like only yesterday…”, but for me, not really. It’s been a long time and it feels like it as well. Over six years ago on 01.12.yc111 (December 1st, 2009), my journey to explore all of K-Space began. In all honesty, I never thought I’d finish, which was fine, as my goal was to enjoy the experience, see what there was to see, and meet people along the way. The only real goal was to see how far I could get. I accepted and was prepared for ship losses before I even began. To not lose a ship was never a goal when I started. There were a couple of breaks in there, one of which was for an extended period of time. Taking those timeframes out, my actual time invested in the journey was about three years, which I completed on 26.11.yc117 (November 26th, 2015).

On being caught while exploring, I’ve been asked were there any close calls and if so, why I had not shared them on this blog. There were of course, some very close calls. Mostly in Low Sec, believe it or not. My reasoning for not sharing them was simple, I didn’t want to highlight the negative aspects of New Eden, only the beauty of that which was around us. I also didn’t want it to be known just how easy it could be to catch me and I felt talking about it would only encourage others to try. So, I simply chose to not say anything at all with the hope of flying under the radar for as long as I could, quietly, steadily, day by day.

Herila I, Caldari Business Tribunal

Herila I, Caldari Business Tribunal

As I continued to get further and further along without losing a ship, the pressure continued to mount that I could feasibly complete K-Space without any losses. I know others have visited every K-Space system, but I felt sure it had not been done before without suffering any losses. Besides visiting every planet, not losing a ship would add that extra special something and uniqueness about my journey to visit every K-Space system. Not losing a ship and pod didn’t start out as a goal, but it became one towards the end.

Ichoriya II

Ichoriya II

With that in mind, one of the funniest encounters I had in Null Sec was when someone asked why they couldn’t find any statistics about me on the kill-boards. I didn’t think it would be difficult to explain, but I found my ability was lacking to convey the concept of no ship losses as well as my neutral and non-aggressive nature. I just laughed at myself trying to explain it and I still don’t think they completely understood that it was possible to not show up on kill-boards. I know New Eden is a dangerous and unforgiving cluster, but I had no idea my ideals would be so alien to others. As a capsuleer, the thought of being alien among my own kind still makes me chuckle today.

Jolia III

Jolia III

Another instance in Null that I thought was fairly funny was when I was in Brave space in the south. They were talking on open coms, (local chat and shame on them!), about setting up a cyno to jump in a freighter. My ears perked up, I had never seen that done before and my explorer’s heart to see something I’ve not seen before overcame my fear of being found. Have you ever had one of those moments, when you are saying over and over to yourself, “Don’t screw this up!”? Well… I warped in cloaked off the station where they were setting up and waited patiently, prepared to try and snap a picture for the event. At the moment it happened, instead of calling up the correct sequence to take the picture, I decloaked instead! Even in near panic, I managed to quickly regain control and warped out. Not that they chased me or anything like that as a matter of fact, they simply verbally “slapped my hand” in open coms and went about their business. Funny to me now, but at the time I was trying to not choke on my heart that was thumping loudly in my throat.



Having done this for no other reason than my own desire to see what was out there and to share some of those experiences through this blog, I did receive some heartfelt congratulations and praise that touched me profoundly. From my bio, you can see that I’m Caldari, but my family bloodline is Achura and even more specifically if you follow my ancestry you’ll find I descend from the Stargazers. Helena Khan and Eurick Dranol honored me by calling me – Stargazer. There are not enough words for me to express my sincere gratitude and how humbling it is. Thank you both so much. I’ve only wanted to honor my ancestors and your words have assured me that I have. To me, there is no higher honor than to be called Stargazer.

SaganStarofDistinctionI also received another high honor, this one from my corporation, Signal Cartel. Mynxee awarded me the Sagan Star of Distinction for extraordinary accomplishments which demonstrate the true spirit of exploration. I didn’t think it possible to be humbled further after being called Stargazer, but if there were no words before, now I simply find myself speechless. I can only offer my thanks to Mynxee, Johnny Splunk, and all of Signal Cartel who have encouraged me and kept me going. As much as I wanted to honor my ancestors, I equally wished to honor Signal Cartel and our corporate credo.

((OOC: My favorite Facebook quote on EVE Online’s page that summed up my approach to this whole effort and I hope reflected well upon Signal Cartel and our credo.FB Quote I also wanted to quickly point out to the “Get a life” comments, lol, on average I only spent about an hour a day, after work, as a way to wind down. On weekends, as an early bird type person, I spent a few hours before the family woke up, so rest assured, I do have a life, a wonderful spouse, and a son. My hobby is gaming of which this is one, but my life is my family.))

Sobaseki XI

Sobaseki XI

I can’t possibly talk about or list each experience, both ill and rewarding, I’ve had along the way. Each one has only made me more determined than before to see my task through. There are also way too many to thank for the encouragement, donations, and well wishes. Just know that I do appreciate each and every one that has taken time to read this blog, comment, tweeted, shouted out, and on and on. I know that when I begin to falter, I only have to turn to my friends, my corp, and the community of which I am a part, for support. My heartfelt thanks and love.

Portrait New


Onwards and upwards to Anoikis. Phase III begins.

Fly clever,

Tongofur II

Tongofur II

Known Space Completed!!!

“And when the day arrives I’ll become the sky and I’ll become the sea and the sea will come to kiss me for I am going home. Nothing can stop me now.” – Trent Reznor, Songwriter

26.11.yc117 D4KU-5 < Taurus Constellation < Fountain

I’ve just finished exploring and taking images of every planet in every High, Low, and Null Sec system in K-Space (Known Space) in all of New Eden! That’s 5,201 systems in 64 regions. Over 45,000 images. WITHOUT LOSING A SINGLE SHIP!!!

Sorry, just a little excited there. I’m sure you understand.

Systems 20151126 Completed!

Completed! 26.11.yc117 (Nov. 26th, 2015)

When did it all begin? Let’s see…

Saisio III

Saisio III, Home

I started in my home system of Saisio in the Forge Region on 01.12.yc111 (December 1st, 2009). When I started out, my mind was set to explore every planet in every system in known space with the expectation there would be ship and pod losses along the way. Never once did I ponder the possibility I would make the journey loss free. At least not until I started around the north side of Null Sec and hadn’t lost a ship yet. Let me tell you, the pressure really started to weight me down as I got closer and closer to achieving not only the completion of K-Space but also finishing without losses. My paranoia ran high, my willingness to take chances became less and less, as that goal became a possibility.

Statistics 20151126I finished Empire space and started Null Sec in 07.yc116 (July 2014). That puts me having been in Null for a year and 4 months, only docking once during that time so I could join Signal Cartel. (In order to close my corp, I had to be in a station). I found a wormhole that lead me back to low sec, docked, then headed right back out again. That was 10 months ago and my longest stretch not docking during this expedition.

Real time it didn’t actually take me 6 years. I had two extended breaks in there. Actual time was about 3 years taking an average of about 10 minutes per system and about 6 systems per day. So, that’s probably between 850 and 900 hours. Add in time for image processing, uploading, blog entries, etc, total time was probably just over 1,200 hours invested in exploration of K-Space.

42 Jumps Home

42 Jumps Home

Let’s see how far I have to go to get back home via the safer routes… yes, I’ve done the dangerous paths long enough, time for some easy sailing, don’t you think? 42… 42? … The answer to life, the universe, and everything? … No words, just no words. Don’t question the universe! 🙂

And now… I’m just thankful to be back home in Saisio. My hands are shaking, my knees are weak, and I feel like I’m going to throw-up. I think my pod goo needs a change.

So, if you think it’s impossible to explore New Eden without losing a ship… think again. With planning, persistence, and a lot of luck, it can be done.

PS: Once I get my space station legs back in my Captains Quarters, I’m going shopping! Thinking maybe a new outfit and a new pair of shoes. Time for a portrait change, don’t you think? Then after a break for the holidays, on to W-Space (Wormhole Space).

Fly Clever and Happy Holidays!

D4KU-5 VIII, Jester's Trek, LAST PLANET

Jester’s Trek at D4KU-5 VIII, the LAST PLANET!!!