Exploration is all about the jump, not the stargate

“Exploration is all about the jump, not the stargate.” – Katia Sae

01.01.yc120 J212224 < E-C00247 < E-R00025

J121516 VI

Looking over the numbers of my explorations for this past year, it dawned on me that I pasted my 8 year anniversary of exploring all of New Eden. Beginning on December 1st, yc111 (2009) my start was a rocky one. I completed 70 K-Space systems that month, but for the whole of the following year, yc112 (2010), I only managed to complete another 68 systems. In yc113 (2011), I fared better, but still weak with 641 systems explored. The next two years, I had stepped away from my explorations, adding no more systems to my completed list.

(OOC: Was a rough couple of years, having lost my mother and then my father, as well as a best friend of mine. My free time and my priorities changed up a great deal, not to mention my enthusiasm for any kind of personal enjoyment.)

In yc116 (2014), I returned to my explorations with a determination and enthusiasm to finish what I had started. That year, not only had I explored an additional 2,180 systems, I also completed Empire space and begun my explorations of Null Sec. Completing Empire had renewed my determination and in yc117 (2015), I not only managed to complete more systems, 2,242 to be exact, I also completed all of Null Sec.

With the completion of all of K-Space, both Empire and Null, the thought to retire had crossed my mind, especially since I was all docked up and hadn’t suffered a ship loss through my explorations. What better way to finish? Well, that was just it, in order to be true to my original personal mission to explore all of New Eden, then I had to include wormhole space as well. Say what you will about the challenges and difficultly of staying alive in K-Space, especially Null Sec, I knew W-Space would be an even bigger challenge. The pace I had set the previous 2 years would not be able to be maintained because of the randomness of connections and not being able to plan a route.

J212224 V

So, the start of yc118 (2016) marked the beginning of my wormhole explorations. That year I completed a total of 528 systems, less than a quarter of the pace I had in K-Space. Wormhole space was indeed going to take much, much longer. My only goal for yc119 (2017) was to do more than I had the year before, which I just barely managed to do with 532 systems completed.

Which brings us up to date, yc120 (2018), and what is my goal for this year. My K-Space pace was an average of 6 systems per day. My W-Space average is around 1.5. I’d like to double my pace to 3 new systems found each day. Keep in mind, that’s new, previously unexplored systems I’ve not found yet. There are days where I only find systems I’ve already visited, which seems to be about 50% of the time, which means I have to explore 6+ systems per day at least. My main issue is time, it takes a lot to scan down and explore connections. Also, as more are found, the pool of those systems I need to find, becomes smaller and therefore harder to find. It sounds easy and is, to find 6+ W-Space systems in a day, but when 50%+ are ones you’ve already visited and you only want new ones, well, now you understand the difficulty and challenge to explore all of wormhole space.

Let’s do this.

J150112 III

6,000th System, Not Dead Yet

“Well you’re bigger, tougher, meaner, rougher. Dirtier and uglier and sneakier and trickier,
You wanna shoot me with a gun, cut me with a knife.
Take your bare hands baby rip out my eyes. You knocked me to the floor then you bit me in the neck.
Well, hit me again cause I’m not dead yet.”
– Styx, “Not Dead Yet”

11.6.yc119 J123746 < D-C00206 < D-R00021

((OOC: Sorry for the long delay between updates. It’s summer time now, at last, and hopefully that means real life commitments will ease up and give me some time to post a little more often. I’m going go for at least once a month updates, if nothing else.))

“Katia, that makes your six-thousandth system explored”, Aura stated in her monotone voice then paused. “and you are not dead yet.”

I raised an eyebrow at Chester, my slaver hound, who only looked at me with indifferent eyes, while his head rest between his massive paws spread out in front of him laying down on the cabin floor. I continued to stare, which only provoked him to raise his head, with what seemed like a smile on his face, until he realized there was no treat involved from my look.

Dumbfounded, I replied, “Aura, are you developing a sense of humor?”

“Developing would imply growth, evolving, a period of time to study and become better at a given task.” Aura continued in her iterative explanation. “I assure you, I need no such process.”

I chuckled, mostly to myself, even though Chester cocked his head, dropping his jaw into a pant, in anticipation that a treat was forthcoming.

“Katia? I fail to see the humor in your reaction.”

“Exactly!” I proclaimed. “Which tells me all I need to know.”

“Katia, if I may…” Aura persisisted.

“No, you may not.” I grinned as I knew if I didn’t stop her now, she would never cease to explain. “Six-thousandth system, huh? I guess this does call for a celebration.”

Now it was Chester’s turn to raise an eyebrow my way as I reached in a drawer behind me and tossed him treat.

“Congratulations Chester, we’re not dead yet.”

Sailing Dangerous Seas: yc118

“Once human beings realize something can be done, they’re not satisfied until they’ve done it.” – Frank Herbert, Author

31.12.yc118 J102407 < C-C00086 Constellation < C-R00010 Region

#MyEVEStory by Rixx Javix

To be called a Stargazer by my homeworld, Achura (Saisio III)… that would be the pinnacle of all that I could achieve. I’m not one for stereotypes, they generalize far too much and individualization is lost. Yet, I can’t deny how typical I am of my kind. At least if you believe all that you learn about the Achur from the widely available public resources.

It is true: I am reclusive. I am an introvert. I have little interest in material things. I am deeply spiritual. I do desire to unlock the secrets of New Eden. I am one of those Achur pilots you’ve heard about that has left the confines of our homeworld and have set sail for the stars.

For those that don’t know me or my mission, you can learn more from one of those public resources. I’m currently in Phase III of my mission, which is to visit every system in New Eden. Phase I, Empire Space, began on December 1st, yc111 (2009) and was completed on July 4th, yc116 (2014). Phase II, Null Sec began on July 9th, yc116 (2014) and was completed on November 26th, yc117 (2015).

J104632 VII

On January 3rd, yc118 (2016), I began Phase III, to explore all of wormhole Space (W-Space). My first stop was Thera, where I was welcomed by my corp, Signal Cartel, and after the celebrations, I set sail to continue my main mission. I spent the first few months based out of Thera. It was only after a week of exploring W-Space from Thera, that I encountered my first duplicate system, a system I had already visited. After encountering more and more duplicate systems over the next couple of months, I decided it was time to wander. I spent maybe a month wandering from hole to hole, before settling into a class 5 wormhole that appeared to not be lived in that contained a class 6 static connection. I wanted to focus on class 6 wormholes and see how many I could find based out of one system. I spent about 6 months, between that wormhole, a little more wandering, and then settling into another class 5 with a class 6 connection. Somewhere during that time, I changed out ships as well, from my Tengu to a Raptor, in order to take advantage of the small wormhole connection types. The time was well worth it as I did find 90 out of the 118 class 6 wormholes, but it was very slow going.

Too slow, really. As a comparison, you can see I discovered a total of 529 wormhole systems during yc118. Compared to my progress from the prior two years in

J161119 VI, Moon 1, Pioneer

K-Space, which was over 2,000 systems per year for yc116 and yc117, I’m now exploring at a quarter of the speed that I was before. With there being 2,604 wormhole systems that we know of, this journey at this pace will take another 4 years and that’s not taking into account the difficulty to find the systems I need in a timely manner. As more and more systems are found, the hay stack grows, and the needle becomes more difficult to find.

As I let that sink in, but before I could spiral down the hole to where those thoughts were leading me, Chester nudged me in the back. Chester, the slaver hound gift that Mynxee gave me when I visited Thera, before I departed for this phase of my journey. I named him after my Grandfather and he, like my Grandfather, have been an inspiration to me to keep going. There really couldn’t have been a better gift, because at times when I’ve sailed too close to the abyss and think my mind is lost, Chester is there… encouraging me… “my little Stargazer.”

Jester’s Trek by Rixx Javix

5,000??? FIVE THOUSAND Systems Explored!!!

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot, Essayist, Poet

17.11.yc117 NG-C6Y < YFN-UN Constellation < Syndicate

That’s right, I just explored my 5,000th system…

Trying to find something to say…

Just no words, really. It’s a mind numbing number. Five thousand. It kind of rolls off the tongue. Has a nice ring to it. What can I say, I’m really happy to have made it this far and I can see the star light at the end of the warp tunnel. So, nice, so very, very nice.

Here’s the map, followed by some of my favorite images from Syndicate so far.

Systems 20151117 - 5k

5,000 Systems Explored as of 17.11.yc117 (Nov. 17th, 2015)

3KNK-A IX, Moon 2, Trust Partners Trading Post

3KNK-A IX, Moon 2, Trust Partners Trading Post



Poitot VI

Poitot VI

UM-Q7F XI, 0EK-NJ Gate

UM-Q7F XI, 0EK-NJ Gate



System Accounting and the Map Gap

“For myself, I like a universe that, includes much that is unknown and, at the same time, much that is knowable.” – Carl Sagan

01.11.yc117 ZJET-E < WMP-OF Constellation < Pure Blind

5S-KXA XI, Theta Appreciation Station

5S-KXA XI, Theta Appreciation Station

With less than 10% of K-Space (Known) left to go, I figured it’s time to make sense of the numbers. Looking at the upper right section of my blog, you’ll find my Exploration Statistics where I try to keep track of just how much I’ve explored of New Eden. There’s just one problem, ok, maybe two problems, they only reflect K-Space and they include several regions that are not reachable by capsuleers. Let’s go over just what I’m talking about.



In K-Space, there are a total of 67 regions which account for 5,431 systems as follows:
1,907 Empire Space
3,524 Null Sec
5,431 Total Systems

Explored as of today: 4,856 systems or 89.4% of K-Space

But wait! That’s not less than 10% left. What gives? I hear you ask.

MapGapThere are unreachable regions on the east side of the map. Two Jovian regions: A821-A and J7HZ-F as well as an unknown region called UUA-F4 (Developers test region). In total they account for 230 systems. As it stands currently, we’re not able to explore those regions. There are no gates that connect us to them. Jump drives apparently are unable to reach as well. We don’t have the technology to build gates to connect to systems that don’t have corresponding exit gates on the other side. Rumor is, the technology is being developed, but until then, we simply can’t get to Jove space or the unknown region.

What’s that mean for my exploration of K-Space? Well, it means I’ll not be able to complete it fully. So, I’ll do all I can before beginning phase III which will be exploration of W-Space (wormhole).

Systems 20151101

Systems explored as of 1.11.yc117 (Nov. 1st, 2015)

The adjusted numbers will be as follows:
1,907 Empire Space
3,524 Null Sec
5,431 Total Systems in 67 regions
– 230 Unreachable systems in 3 regions
5,201 Adjusted Total Systems in 64 regions

Explored as of today: 4,856 systems or 93.4% of adjusted K-Space

But wait! That’s not all the systems in New Eden. You’re right.

As I’ve just mentioned, there are indeed more systems to be explored that can be reached and they are found in wormhole space. They’ll add another 2,498 systems plus another 101 newly discovered shattered wormhole systems and Thera for a total of 2,599 systems.

3QE-9Q VI, ZOYW-O Gate

3QE-9Q VI, ZOYW-O Gate

All in all, everything that we know about New Eden can be found in 8,030 systems.
1,907 Empire Space
3,524 Null Sec
5,431 Total K-Space Systems
2,599 Total W-Space Systems
8,030 Total New Eden Systems

Now reality sets in. Explored as of today: 4,856 systems out of 8,030 or 60.5% of all of New Eden.

Just when I thought I was getting close to done…

ROIR-Y II, Sisters of EVE Bureau

ROIR-Y II, Sisters of EVE Bureau

Mission Update: 4k and Beyond!

When I first started this journey in yc111 (December 2009), I had every intention of finishing, yet at the same time was doubtful that I ever would. For those that are new to the blog, my original mission was to visit every planet in every K-Space (known space) system in New Eden. I had only two phases in mind: Phase I – Exploration of Empire space and Phase II – Exploration of Null Sec. After a couple of short lived attempts and restarts, I finally finished Phase I a year ago in yc116 (July 4th, 2014). That accounted for 1,907 systems completed out of 5,431 systems in K-Space. Now one year later on 04.07.yc117 (July 4th, 2015), I finished my 4,000th K-Space system. To put it in perspective, that’s 2,093 Null Sec systems in just one year which is more than I’ve done in all of Empire over four and a half years. That puts me at 73.6% of K-Space explored. What does that look like on the map?

Systems 20140704

Map one year ago

Systems 20150705

Current map

New map currently

New current map

Honestly, never thought I’d get this far and if I stay on track, I should finish K-Space by the end of the year. If I stick to it, that would be it, no more, I would retire. Oh, you’re probably wondering why I’ve not shown systems explored via the new map. Well, I do like the new map, especially being able to zoom all the way into a system view. I’ve really enjoyed that aspect of it. The stats, however, leave a little something to be desired. It’s honestly more difficult to see where I’ve been. Also, zooming out, the region names disappear. Sigh… here it is, see what you think.

Stats 20150705Let’s look at some more numbers. Adding W-Space (wormhole) and S-Space (shattered wormhole) to the list, and assuming no new system discoveries, there are a total of 8,030 systems in all of New Eden. As of today, I’ve completed 4,025 which officially puts me past the 50% mark. Hmmm… 50%… how can I stop if I’m already past 50%? So, I’ll be adding Phase III – Wormhole space. There’s no doubt in my mind that W-Space will be the greatest challenge simply because of its ever changing nature. At first, finding wormholes I’ve not explored will be easy, but as more and more are completed, it will become difficult to find the ones I lack. Ultimately, and this is the real kicker, unless a way opens up, I’ll not be able to completely explore all of New Eden. There are several regions that are currently unreachable in K-Space.

Yet, even knowing that expanding my goal to all of New Eden is unattainable in the long run, I’ll go on for as long as I can. Why? Because I can’t say enough about my corp, Signal Cartel, and the encouragement I receive from them. I’ll continue because our tag line says it all:

You can’t stop the Signal!

Shout out to Radical Divinity, fellow corpmate, what a surprise seeing you in local 4F9Y-3, Perrigen Falls!

A1F-22 V, 3LL-O0 Gate

A1F-22 V, 3LL-O0 Gate

The Mission: Past, Present, Future

“As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas…” – Herman Melville, Moby Dick: or, the Whale

11.01.yc117 B-WQDP < GU-JZ1 Constellation < Wicked Creek Region

The Mission

Systems 20150111

Systems explored map

For those followers who are new, or may not be aware of my mission, it is my desire to explore all of New Eden one system at a time and record my journey with images and writings via this blog. I began my journey in yc111 (2009) and as you can see by the graph, it wasn’t until this last year did I truly tackle the mission. The two years I went missing, yc114 & yc115, I spent grieving for my father whom had passed away from this life. From his passing I truly began to understand what one aspect of being immortal meant… seeing mortal loved ones and friends around you slowly disappear from your life. I spent those years grounded planet side on Saisio, my home system, wondering if my wanderings should continue.

2014 Systems by YearThe support, love, and encouragement of my family and friends during that dark time finally lifted my heart and I was able to let go of my grief allowing me to return to my explorations. It is, after all, what my father would have wanted. So with a vengeance, I outdid all my previous system explorations, completing Phase I: Empire space and starting Phase II: Nullsec space this last year ending with 2,959 total systems explored since the start of my mission.

The Past – What didn’t work




One of the first things I had done during my break was to backup my writings and images I had chronicled to that point, thinking if I should return, I would then be able to restore this blog and carry on. As it turned out, the writings portion of my backup was corrupted and I didn’t realize it until I went to restore. This is why you’ll not find any post prior to my return in yc116. Fortunately, the images I had taken up to that point where good and I was able to restore them to my gallery. I’ve corrected this issue should it ever come up again, having more than one verified backup on hand in different locations. I can’t stress enough that if there’s something in digital form that you wish to keep, be sure to not only back it up, but verify it’s good.

Image Processing



One of the reasons my exploration was going at such a slow pace before was due to the labor intensive work with the images I had taken. To get them ready for the gallery, due to space limitations and other factors, I would adjust their format and size before uploading them. Upon my return, the first thing I did was to streamline and automate the process of capturing the image and reformatting before upload. This one simple change has saved me countless hours and I’m able to explore more systems with the time saved.

Regions of New Eden

I had started a new series called “Regions of New Eden”, but after doing the first one, I realized it was going to be more time intensive than I had anticipated. That, plus the fact I received no feedback, I’ve decided to not continue it as I’d rather spend that time on the other series I had started that is working well, which leads to…

The Present – What works well

New Eden Explorers

Y19P-1 VI, Circadian Seeker

Y19P-1 VI, Circadian Seeker

The series “New Eden Explorers” that I had begun last year has been well received and I will continue with it this year. I currently have at least two more interviews lined up and will more than likely conclude the series something during the first half of yc117. I’ve really enjoyed learning about my fellow explorers and as you’ve learned as well, there are many different ways to go about exploring New Eden. I hope as a reader and follower of my blog, you’ve enjoyed the series, learned something from it, and that it’s encouraged you to explore even more than you have before. I’d love to hear from you if it has and if you know of an explorer I’ve missed that either blogs, videos, or chronicles their journey in some manner publicly, then please let me know. I’d be happy to include them in the series if they’d like.

The Future – Exploration

At my current pace, if I’m able to keep it going, I should complete Phase II: Nullsec by the end of this year, yc117 (2015). At that time, we’ll see if I continue on with W-Space. That would be another 2,498 systems not including the newly discovered Thera system plus an additional 100 shattered wormholes. If I do continue, I’ll be looking for a different way to document and record my visit to each system. I believe my time to scan down wormholes will take away time I would usually visit each planet in system, so at this time, I’m not sure just how I’ll go about my journey, but I still have some time to think about it. If you’re a wormhole explorer and have some ideas, please let me know.

F76-8Q III, RHE7-W Gate

F76-8Q III, RHE7-W Gate


Not Dead Yet

“I’m dancin’ on a land mine baby one leg left and I can still crawl and I’m not dead yet” – “Not Dead Yet”, Styx

18.10.yc116 Y-MPWL < I9B-8X Constellation < Providence

Having finished seven Null Sec regions and working on my eight, Providence, I guess I should do a monthly stats post and some favorite images. Before the stats, however, some shout outs to folks I’ve met along the way. In JBY6-F of Catch, I had a friendly conversation in local with Ageudum, Cocoon Makes, & Red Thunder. In U-HYMT of Providence Thetis Aident of The Violition Cult struck up a private convo with me that was pleasant. Last, there was ReheL’t also in Providence that was curious about my explorations. All in all, Providence so far has been a busy and fun experience. There’s been only one bubble camp and that was next to a High Sec entry point which was to be expected. Otherwise, the journey has been full of conversations and peaceful exploration.

I did run into an unexpected surprise when I jumped into system F-YH5B where I found corebloodbrothers, a CSM9 representative, dropping a link in local of a new video explaining the happenings in Catch and Providence of late. So that’s what’s been going on! Perhaps I can claim I was there? Close enough? Alright, alright, maybe on the periphery… hmmm, ok, I’ll settle for that. Either way, it was great timing on my part to see how proud corebloodbrothers was of his fellow capsuleers.

Time for some stats.

30 Regions explored out of 67
2,533 systems out of 5,431 of K-Space making that 46% explored with no ship losses. I’m not dead yet.
104 days in space undocked

Thanks for saying hello in local, fly safe, fly smart!



G-5EN2 V, 9-F0B2 Gate

G-5EN2 V, 9-F0B2 Gate



4B-NQN IX, Jester's Trek

4B-NQN IX, Jester’s Trek

Delve Run Run Away

“Oh now can’t you wait, run run away.” – “Run Runaway”, Slade

31.08.yc116 UVHO-F < K-JO26 Constellation < Querious

YZ9-F6 V, Blood Raiders Assembly Plant

YZ9-F6 V, Blood Raiders Assembly Plant

OOC: Lately it seems I’ve been having some website difficulties. Last week I was hit by something that wiped out all of my blog images. At first it seemed like an attack, but later through some troubleshooting saw there was a plugin update on my site that may have caused the issue. Either way, with a partial restore from the hosting provider, I was able to get back most of what I had lost recovered. Unfortunately, I lost my page of supporters where I highlighted those that have encouraged me on my journey and I didn’t have the notes to put it back together. So, I’ve removed the page for now. My apologies.

Malia Katain

Malia Katain

On the exploration front, I’ve finished up Delve and have continued my trip in Querious. Delve has certainly been the most thrilling so far. I entered the region at 1-2J4P with little activity in the area, but that quickly changed as I approached 1DH-SX. Each day as I drew closer to the system, the Ship/Pod kills grew with some days being in the hundreds. Seemed there was a huge conflict in the area. Fortunately, I managed to survey the system and move along with the combatants mostly interested in each other than me.

Continuing my exploration of the region I ran into Malia Katain of Ashrum Core, Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere. I was pleasantly surprised when I was welcomed to the area and allowed to explore freely. That was certainly a first in Null Sec and a welcomed change to actually relax a little. Great group of folks as they provided some local intel and I wished I could have stayed a little longer, but sadly I had to move on. Thanks Malia!

FM-JK5 VI, Petyr Baelich Appreciation Station

FM-JK5 VI, Petyr Baelich Appreciation Station

The next constellation over, however, provided the balance of the warm hospitality I had just left to the unwelcomed, get out of our space, cat and mouse game when I ran into the Graduates in the O-EIMK Constellation. I had to inch my way, system by system, to work my way through the constellation. I know that the chances are, some time, during my journey I’ll be caught, and more than once I thought that was going to be the case here. Luckily, and that’s all it was, I managed to fully explore the constellation and moved on into Querious.

Y-OMTZ VII, The Anvil Station

Y-OMTZ VII, The Anvil Station

It was in Querious that I found the other side of the raging battle of 1DH-SX, as the neighboring system of F2OY-X was on my flight path and this time, oddly enough, if I stuck to the plan, I would have to fly back through 1DH-SX in Delve to continue on with Querious. Seems two constellations in Querious are split off from the rest of the Region with several systems in Delve separating them. Fortunately, the battle on this side was lighter, but I didn’t want to take a chance passing through 1DH-SX. So, I took a 20+ jump detour back through Delve to UHKL-N and continued my Querious exploration in A-B04V.

With the one exception, Delve kept me on the run.

With the completion of Delve, that puts me at 28 Regions explored, 5 of those in Null Sec, for a total of 2,346 Systems at 43.2% of Empire/Null completed. So far, no ship losses.

T-IPZB XI, T-M0FA Graveyard

T-IPZB XI, T-M0FA Graveyard

Jester’s Trek

“Goodbye, stranger, it’s been nice. Hope you find your paradise. Tried to see your point of view. Hope your dreams will all come true.” – “Goodbye Stranger”, Supertramp as performed by Goldey

08.06.yc116 Saisio < Okomon Constellation < The Forge

Systems 20140608“Not bad for a god.” I heard the voice below and behind me say. I smiled without looking to see who it was. No need, I knew the voice to be that of my home station maintenance chief. He continued, “Wasn’t expecting you back so soon, Ma’am.”

“Wasn’t expecting to be back, Chief.” I replied.

“Are you… are you actually doing what I think you’re doing?” He asked.

I stopped for a moment, leaned back and took in my handy work. “I am.”

He chuckled, “You know we have drones for that, right?”

“I do.” Dipping my brush in the can of paint next to me, I carefully wiped off the excess on the inside of the opening. The work was tedious, but relaxing. If it wasn’t for the lack of adequate ventilation and air conditioning in the open hanger, it would have been enjoyable.

Nalu VII, Moon 4, Imperial Shipment Storage

Nalu VII, Moon 4, Imperial Shipment Storage

“Not much for words today are ya.” He stated without questioning. I could sense his desire to jab at me some more, but could tell he realized this wasn’t a good time. The chief and I go way back. He watched me grow-up, having served with my Grandfather in the Caldari Navy. They had been best of friends and when my Grandfather passed away, the chief had taken over that role. That was long before I had become – a god – as he puts it. “Well… sorry kiddo, I’ll leave ya be.”

He started to turn away before I stopped him, “No – it’s alright Chief.” Laying down the brush along the top of the can, I wiped the sweat off my brow then half turned around so I could see him fully. I tried to smile to reassure him I was fine. “It’s just I had read about him retiring and I was… well… just sad to hear about it, really.”

“Ripard Teg, you mean.” Again it wasn’t a question as any capsuleer or space crew knew of him. “Yeah, damn shame really, but most good things never last.”

Luromooh V, Moon 1, Imperial Shipment Storage

Luromooh V, Moon 1, Imperial Shipment Storage

A sudden familiar sense of loss sunk in the pit of my stomach as I thought of my Grandfather and the recent loss of my father. I swallowed hard then tightened my jaw before finally relaxing then quietly replied. “Yeah…”

“Well except maybe for you.” He added quickly, trying to lighten the mood, but seeing it hadn’t worked so well. “Hey, I’m sorry kiddo, it’s just…”

“I know.” I raised my hand to stop him and smiled warmly for his concern, “Listen, Chief, I’m about a month away from finishing up my exploration of Empire space so you know what that means?”

He nodded, frowned slightly, and even with the distance between us, I could see the concern in his eyes. “You’ll be heading into Nullsec. Yeah, I know. What do you need from me?”

“Diplomatic contacts.” I stated flatly.

Skills_20140608“You’re gonna need a lot more than that.” He placed his hands on his hips as if he were about to lecture me.

Holding up both hands in surrender, I chuckled, “I’m joking Chief. I just need you to have the Tengu ready to go.”

“She’s ready.” He crossed his arms, taking a stance of denial. “You sure about this?”

“I’m sure and it’s a him.” I turned back to my handy work painted on the side of the Tengu hull and smiled. “Jester’s Trek.”

04 Vale IVJester’s Trek Exploration Tengu Fit of the Week

1,624 systems explored making that 29.9% of New Eden with no ship losses so far.

Madirmilire VIII, Niarja Gate